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Rules of winning in soccer betting

Rules On How To Win Football Betting

Tricks on how to win football betting.there are so many football betting strategy which serves as Tricks on how to win football betting.many people make use of accumulation betting strategy where they place bets on teams with the lowest odds while others only place bets on singles with at least odds of 1.70 and above if they are sure of their predictions.some people also place bets on under and over bet types which is also another type of bet i will recommend for punters.regardless whether any football team wins or not, as far as the under or over favours you, then you have a strategy.the major mistakes beginners to online football betting keeps making is accumulating more than what they shouldn't which will not only make them loose but also make them panic, having sleepless night and checking of livescores or futbol24 live scores every 1 seconds as if thuth is that when it comes to online betting, whether you are making use of online betting site like nairabet, merrybet, bet365 etc, it may interest you to know that there is no 100 percent football betting strategy that works all the time but if your analysis is always properly done, then you will have more success than someone who just want to bet to make millions over night without taking his or her time to make proper football analysis to checkmate which football teams are fit and which one is not fit before the game would start.

only few people are making a killing on online soccer betting and this is as a result of making proper analysis or getting predictions from some where authentic.

this is to tell you that there is no shortcut to making money on online betting if you are not willing to take actions and start proper analysis on football teams before the game starts.

Here is a Tricks on how to win football betting

==> Only Stake what you can afford to loose

football betting is not a do or die affair.since we all know it is gambling, there is need to always take it to be fun play.don't see it as something that will make you rich over night because if you see it as such, that is when Greed and frustration will set and you will start to panic, no rest of mind just because you placed bet

if you see it as fun play, whether you loose or not, it won't bother you because your mind will be programmed to even forget that you placed bet online or some where 

==> do proper analysis on the football team

many punters don't want to bother them self with football analysis before staking their bets and this is a big mistake to make when engaging in online betting.regardless whether you see it as fun play, that does not mean you will not use your time to make proper helps a lot because you will get to know which team are fit for the betting type you want to can devote 1 hour in making your analysis before deciding the team you want to choose.don't just select any team base on being a fan of the team.

lots of punters makes this mistake and they don't bother to learn from it.there is no two ways about it, when you make analysis, you tend to filter some of the team that won't do well even if the analysis and prediction is not 100 percent sure, you can still make do with what you have analyzed and stake your bet with rest of mind.there is need to make analysis before you stake your bet.most people makes use of futbol24 to do their analysis and other prediction site.

==> don't put your egg in one basket

this is a very big issue when it comes to life in general, not just on online betting.instead of staking all your bet on one team, you should do your self the favour by splitting your stakes to share the risk

i see lots of guys in most offline betting shops making the mistake of stake their accumulation bets on 1 bet slip which is not good for risk sake.

why would some one select a betting odds of 60 and stake like 1000 on it.this is not the right way to place bet.fine you want more money but you would still make money from the bets if suppose you separated the games in different slips if per adventure only one team killed the slip. so instead of loosing the bet, you would make some cool cash as a result of splitting the slips to share the risk among the slips.

this is just a common sense which many punters fails to understand due to greed

if you succeeded in selecting games that gives you over 60 odds, you should do your self the favour by sharing the odds in two different slips.maybe you selected 10 games that gaves you 60 oods, you can split the selections to 5 games on each slips.don't add any match found in one slip to the other slip to avoid problem.

if you stake your bet on each slips and one of the slip ended up loosing, you still have one slip which may turn out to be a winner.if eventually the second slip turns out as winner, you made some cash even if its not more than what it would have made if you stake it all on one slip.

the bottom line is that you made profit and that is what we all are looking for, to make profit at the end of the game.not to loose all the putting all your eggs in one basket can make you loose more because if the basket drops, all the eggs will damage.

==> Look For A Betting Types That Suite You 

many punters just follow what their friends give to them, yes it is good to get predictions and games tips from friends who cares to share their games with you but you can still adjust their bet types to suite yours.most at times when i get predictions on matches from friends, i review the games to my taste before i stake my bet and at the end of it, my bet would turn out to be winner while they may lost theirs.

it happens like this often what am i trying to point is that even if friends gives you sure bet, there is need for you to review it and make adjustment to it before staking your bet.

if for example, some one gives me under and over sure bet, i always believe that no match is sure bet until i see the full result because most at times even a team that is given 1.05 may end up beating a team that is given 20 odds, it happens often time and you and i knows it.

so if am given maybe an under sure bet like they claim and the under is 0.2, instead of me to select under 0.2 in my bet slip, i will adjust it and select under 0.3 after carefully scrutinizing the teams that are playing and like wise if i am given a over game of 0.4, i will select over 0.3 or 0.2 base on the team and odds available for the adjustments, i won't just stake my bets on what they give me, instead i prefer adjusting too can apply same strategy to your betting style and see how it works out for i said, online betting is not a do or die affairs, i only see it as fun play, i don't take it as business like most people does because its not something i would want to use as business.i play it for fun and if i win, its ok, and if i loose, it is still OK, nothing spoil.

this is some of the simple trick you can use to win in football betting.cheers.

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